GGC 15 Head-To-Head Part 2

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Orgy, Party, Gay


It's another round of hot cocksucking party games from our latest “Red v. White” fuck bash. This time the stakes have been risen, and a few choice team members have been selected to battle it out “Over the Top” style with a few arm wrestling matches! Different from the Stallone flick, however, the stakes in this game is that the winner gets some sloppy mouth service from the loser! Then there's a blindfolded blowjob game where the guys get their eyes covered and have to guess who's sucking their dongs. Fun and fucking are the name of the game so get in while you still can!

Runtime30 minutes
ResolutionSD 480p
File formatmp4
File size277 MB
Picture count156
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English